We clearly did not knock on wood hard enough when we created the Climate Change Aloha Shirt.

As we launched our debut product in October 2019, a Category 5 Earth-toupee aka Hurricane Dorian, spun over the lower Atlantic Ocean regions with winds faster then a fossil-fueled Ferrari. It was almost as if we summoned the storm from a bubbling cauldron of irony.

On the other hand, maybe it was simply the reckless use of resources over the past century that caused the Hurricanes steroid-like strength.

Either way, the climate change cause that we had planned to support had touched down and the wreckage began.

Sales of The Climate Change Aloha Shirt were good and over the next couple weeks we were quickly able to enlist All Hands And Hearts to accept our $1,000 donation. They seemed to have the greatest impact given their track record of climate change relief projects and efficacy of donation resources.

Thank you to All Hands And Hearts for all the work that you do and to everyone who made this donation possible.


We have some new projects launching the back-half of 2020. Keep an eye on our Instagram (@lazagna.co) for updates.